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Our Hindu scriptures teach us to be humble, selfless, respectful and righteous in our daily interaction with others. These are the values that are going to form an integral part in creating the foundation for unity amongst Hindu Youth.

The Youth are constantly searching for purpose, God and happiness in this materialistic world. Swami Vivekananda said” It is impossible to find God outside of ourselves. We are the greatest temple. “. We first need to respect ourselves and find the God inside us and this will be the catalyst that will attract all positive energies towards us.

In a time when youth are faced with extreme adversities, it is our responsibility as leaders to channel our energies in finding ways to assist them in overcoming these adversities. The time is now that we come together as one and not let the divides cloud our vision for the future. Youth need to be inspired and motivated to create a better tomorrow for all generations to come. They are our greatest strength. Gandhi said that “Let’s be the change that we want to see in the world” Hindu Youth Network will inspire to be that change. With a strong focus on Unity, holistic development and leadership we hope to achieve this with the following mission:

    - Provide youth with support when faced with adversities
    - Develop today's youth to become tomorrow’s leaders
    - Unite the youth of various Hindu groupings
    - Engage in outreach activities
    - Promote Indian Arts, Culture, Music  and Languages
    - Promote positive human values through Spiritual education and
    - Engage in mentorship programs
    - Actively engage in Environmental awareness programs.

Over the next two months August and September 2011 the HYN team will be involved in various youth awareness programs and enrolment drives. Individuals, cultural groups and temples can follow our progress though our website or our facebook page Hindu youth network Durban South.

On the 3rd of September we will be hosting our official HYN launch program at the Sri Siva Soobramoniar Alayam in Shallcross Durban. At this event we will also co opt various Hindu youth leaders to form part of the national leadership team.  Make sure you are part of this momentous and inspiring occasion when youth, youth leaders, parents and various other groups will ignite the flame of unity.

For further information please contact :
Pragasen Pillay on 0726953749 Or email




By Serchen Reddy

The Western Cape Hindu Youth Group held its inaugural bowling event on 14 May 2010. The event was posted on facebook and the response from the members was promising.

On arrival at Tygervalley bowling alley, it was clear that the group was still in its teething stage as some members knew each other and some were attending their first event and it was also a little bit tense and people were reserved and shy.

We all introduced ourselves and once that was out the way, things got a lot easier and the atmosphere changed completely. It was from this moment that we all got a feeling that this is just the start of great things.



By Justin Maheswari

On the 8th August 2010, the Western Cape Hindu Youth Group held an action cricket social at the Montague Arena. The event was advertised on our facebook webpage for all members to view and r.s.v.p.

The event was open to anyone to attend and our main purpose for hosting it was so Hindu youth could get together at one place, at the same time, and interact with one another. This meant that they'd spend the afternoon getting to know each other on a more friendly and inter-personal level, and thus forging alliances with other youth within the community.

By Vandinika Muruvan

Under the banner of the Sathya Sai School of Cape Town together with Starling Primary School, Thembani Primary School, Voorspoed Primary School and St. George’s Grammer School the Walk For Values was held in Cape Town on the 18th September 2010.The main objective of the walk was to raise awareness of the 5 basic human values namely: Love, Peace, Truth, Non-violence and Right Conduct.

In March 2010 WCHY were approached to create a float that would encompass these values and represent unity among all. This resulted in 3 different design concepts of which one was chosen by the Sathya Sai Organisation.


By Nandika Muruvan

Thai Poosam Kavady is a Hindu festival in honour of Lord Muruga. It is usually a 10 day long festival culminating with the actual carrying of the Kavady ( a beam or pole with brass containers on each end, containing various offerings to Lord Muruga). The carrying of the Kavady itself symbolises the carrying of the burdens of human life and leaving them at the feet of Lord Muruga.

During the 10 days preceding the event, devotees gather at the Temple daily to pray, meditate and contemplate on the omniscience and omnipotency of the Lord. During this time, they abstain from all vices, both physical such as the eating of meet, smoking, drinking alcohol etc as well as the emotional and mental vices such as lust, greed, anger and hatred.

By Pragasen Pillay

In October 2009 WCHY in partnership with BRASS and SANCA, local NGO’s arranged a Fun day in Section C sports ground Atlantis Western Cape. The Aim of the Fun day was to highlight the issues around substance abuse within the Atlantis community.

Alcohol and drugs continues to negatively affect the social culture of this community. A high number of lives have been lost as a result of gang related activities and substance addiction. Parents are concerned about the environment that their children are growing up in.

By Loshnie Pillay

Every year the Sathya Sai organisation runs a Medical Camp whereby they provide free medical services to disadvantaged children from the surrounding areas namely Langa, Gatesville etc. The children were examined by a doctor and a dentist and for those who needed it, an occupational therapist and a child psychologist were available. Furthermore, all their medicinal requirements were met by the pharmacy that was set up for the day.

This year the Western Cape Hindu Youth Group was involved in the activities of the day. The medical assistants, pharmacists and occupational therapist were all from the Western Cape Hindu Youth Group.

Hamper Pack Project November 2009
by Vandinika Muruvan

The hamper pack project was truely a selfless service. The youth assisted in purchasing items and met together to pack boxes. We decided to target the Elsiesriver area and worked in conjunction with the health center in the area. We delivered to the underprivilleged and terminally ill patients.According to the health center, these residents have no income and not enough food, many live in so called shacks. My heart melted at the love and hospitality we recieved. All we had was a name and an address, it was a daunting task and I have to say a little scary.

We have never been into this area and we hear about the drugs, crime and violence. We overcome our sterotypical outlook of the area and in the process we saw people for who they were and not where they come from or there ilness. Many of these patients are terminally ill, but the smiles and hugs we recieved will last a lifetinme!!! Thank you to all those who donated in cash and kind.The children were so excited to see what was in the box. For me this was the best Seva I have ever been involved in. We worked from 8am - 5pm. An amazing spiritual experience.

Mariannhill SS S Hindu Youth

A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. On the 15th of June 2010 the MSSSHY embarked on a journey that would ultimately lead to the most divine experience in their life’s. “I will treasure this experience for the rest of my life” was the humble words from one of the youth.

They started with Innovating the presence of GOD to guide them and their project the building of a Ganesha Float which was to be used for the annual Ganesha float procession which took place at the Blue lagoon Durban. 

UKZN Hindu Students Association

The Hindu students association wishes to promote and preserve the rich cultural heritage and traditional legacy known as Sanaathan Dharma (The eternal principles), reviving religious values and instilling these values in the youth of UKZN. We were motivated to establish this committee by the highly prevalent lack of morals and good values in the youth of our society as many students are led astray from the correct path in life by drugs, alcohol and peer pressure.

The HSA (Hindu Students Association) aims to involve students in religious ceremonies, cultural activities and humanitarian services, thus providing an opportunity for students to do good deeds in society and keeping them away from negative influences.