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  Meet the Hindu Youth Network of South Africa Team

  Western Cape Hindu Youth Group Team Member Info :   Birthday: Hometown:

Vandinika Muruvan

Position: Vice Chairperson.

Occupation: Senior Occupational Therapist (Psychiatry)

Interests: Movies, reading, charity work (seva), socializing, hiking and bhajan singing.
21 March

Western Cape
BIO: Fun loving, dedicated, hard worker  and down to earth person. Always wanting to acquire more knowledge about the true essence of Hinduism and sharing it with others through uplifting the community and myself. Always striving to be more than I can be!


Justin Maheshwari

Position: Assistant Treasurer

Interests: Movies, Music, Socialising

Occupation: Retail Manager

31 March 1985

Cape Town

BIO: Enjoys helping others to be the best they can and getting involved in community activities.


Serchen Reddy

Positon: Chairperson

Interests:  Cars, Sports, Electronics, Meeting new people and spending time with friends and family

Occupation: Project Manager


23 March

BIO: I am a very layed back person who enjoys meeting new people even though I can be very shy and reserved at first, I’m very easy going once the initial tension is broken. To me family and friends are a very important part of life and they play a major role in my life. I am a very competitive person and enjoy challenges.  I believe that Hinduism is a way of life and it can play a major part in bringing different people together. I am by no means the most religious person but look forward to becoming more involved in all things Hindu.


Position: Public Relations officer aka the R in P.R.O

Occupation: Pharmacist


I am a spontaneous laidback personality. Love experiencing Hinduism in all its facets.  Hinduism is not merely a religion it is a conscious choice to live life in a dharmic way and to experience the world as such. My favourite quote “be the change you want to see in the world” - Mahatma Ghandi.


Amar Nathoo

Position: Media coordinator

Occupation: Graphic Designer


31 May

BIO: I am a little crazy but i love life. Art has shown me that we live in a beautiful world, we just have to learn to look.